Vaccination campaign is Greece’s biggest ever health drive

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Greece’s national vaccination campaign, which is set to begin if all goes well in January, is the largest health endeavor the country has ever organized, according to Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias during his briefing on Wednesday to representatives of parliamentary parties.

The campaign, he stressed, concerns all of society.

“It concerns our health, the medical associations that must participate, pharmaceutical associations, scientific and professional chambers, local government, the Church, sports and cultural institutions, companies and their employees, trade unions, social partners and all organizations,” he said, noting the consensus achieved to inform citizens in cities, small villages and islands about the scientific data regarding vaccines “so that we can mobilize the whole country and be able to move forward in this huge project.”

He also expressed his appreciation for the across-the-board cooperation provided by Greece’s political parties.

“This is a project that is neither governmental nor partisan. It is a national project and it concerns us all. I thank the colleagues who accepted that we can all move forward in this effort together,” he said.

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