Viva Mexico!

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Mexican cuisine is a blend of indigenous (Indian) and Spanish influences. Most Mexicans, even nowadays, continue to eat more native foods, such as corn, beans, and peppers.

That is what Robin and Premier’s team are about to combine. Native foods, chorizos (traditional sausages), pork, chicken & greeneries entangled in the following tasty stations:

The Meat Station which includes Live BBQ by Robin. Fresh , well done meat to start your tasty Mexican trip.

The Taco – Quesadilla Station! A Mexican night can’t take place without tacos and quesadillas. The local tortillería (tortilla stand) is “moved” in Bansko. Stop by and try some tacos or quesadillas.

The Garnish Station. Each dish must be accompanied by plenty of vegetables, greeneries and a lot more garnishes so as to be healthy and hearty. From beans & grilled vegetables to Mexican rice, a wide variety of garnishes will complete your culinary experience.

And for the sweetest closing of the evening, plated desserts such as elderberry cremeaux, chocolate sugar dough sand, fig genoise, forest fruit coulis and vanilla pastry, will complete your Mexican night!

For this special event, Premier’s mixologists team will prepare the most special cocktails, all inspired by Mexican influences.  From the renowned, traditional Margarita, Bloody Mary, Cuba Libre and Mojito to the special Red Diablo, Kir Royal and Virgin Mojito – for the non alcohol fans.

A short close up to the famous Robin: He is the Head Chef Instructor at HRC Culinary Academy, Eastern Europe's # 1 Culinary Institute.  Chef Robin has been one of the instrumental figures in the Culinary Education development in Bulgaria having opened HRC Culinary Academy in 2008, Talents Restaurant in 2013 and most recently overseeing HRC Culinary Academy's move to Bulgaria's Capital Sofia.

You are all invited to step inside the energy of a Mexican Buffet.

The price per person is 50 BGN for the buffet (drinks not included).

Buen apetito!


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