We will open the economy with great caution, Georgiadis says

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“We will open the economy with great caution,” Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Sunday in an interview with “Skai TV”, leaving open the possibility of opening certain sectors of the economy, such as seasonal items and toys, which have been significantly affected. However, he stressed that any decision will be made after scientists give the “green light.”

“In the ministry we have made several plans according to the course of the virus and we are waiting for the infectious disease committee to give us the sign. We are not going to start the economy if the doctors do not tell us to do so,” Georgiadis said noting that the sectors of the economy that have been proved to contribute to the dispersal of the virus will not open, or will open much later.

He also underlined that the market will operate under strict conditions, such as masks, distances, a limited number of people in the store, while he made special reference to the click away system. As he explained, the order will be placed by the consumer in the store, the order will be prepared, the citizen will make an appointment with the shopkeeper and will go to pick it up from the store, minimizing human contact while greatly reducing congestion inside in stores.

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