Balkan Services implemented QlikView at Ficosota

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Bulgarian software and consultancy company Balkan Services (  has successfully completed two projects for the implementation of business intelligence solution QlikView at Ficosota Syntez ( The innovative application has helped the company to significantly improve the quality of information and to deal with the planning and the control of work activities.

In one of the two projects a dashboard was set up to monitor the progress of all projects at the company. It was built upon the already existing project management system EDGAR. The solution monitors the status of all active projects, their reach, the latest information about them and the priorities. It also provides detail information on any project and it helps to keep an eye on the level of completion and the people responsible for it among other things.

The other project at Ficosota Syntez is focused on the financial figures of the organization. Its reach includes the preparation and the check of revenue and cost reports, claims, debts, and accounting information, which all come from the ERP solution Integra. Checks include sales information and accounting data about expenses and accounting verifications. The influence of sales volumes and the prices of different items on the end result is also taken into account, as well as claims from clients by regions and suppliers’ liabilities. The aim is to significantly automate and optimize the work of the Financial and Accounting Department.

One more innovative business solution is to be developed and implemented at Ficosota Syntez. It will let the company organize its important information about sales through distributors. Thus the firm will be able to get accurate information about sales to end customers and the goods in the warehouses of each distributor.

More about  Ficosota Syntez OOD

Ficosota Syntez OOD is one of the fastest developing companies in Bulgaria. It produces and sells fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in several directions – detergents, washing machine products and body-care items, disposable paper hygiene products, and foods. A lot of the brands of the company are market leaders in their categories – not only in Bulgaria but abroad too. Ficosota Syntez sells its products in more than 30 countries on several continents. The company has created some of the most memorable brands, such as  Tete-a-Tete, Teo, Feya, Semana, Savex, Pufies, Milde, ЕМЕКА, Terter, etc. Due to the unique mixture of high product quality, creative marketing presence, innovations, and listening to consumers’ requirements the company is a market leader.

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