Benefits for Membership

Policy Goal

HBCB provides a primary platform and focal point for networking between Greek and Bulgarian business communities.
The Council’s major aim is to assist the flow of trade and investments and the transfer of know-how by improving business climate between the both countries.
In pursuing the above, HBCB has determined several policy goals:
  • To promote the Greek-Bulgarian business partnership;
  • To identify, encourage and inform members (and other interested parties) of appropriate sources of information relating to trade and investment opportunities, practices and regulations, in both Greece and Bulgaria;
  • To promote investments and trade between Greece and Bulgaria through various events (incl. trade missions and official visits), while also creating new business opportunities and networking;
  • To support and represent the interests of its members, including liaison with the governments of Bulgaria and Greece;
  • To facilitate an open and frank dialogue between public and private sectors in both countries as to reach a mutually satisfactory understanding of commercial and economics concerns;
  •  In collaboration with other organizations and institutions, to encourage social and cultural exchange with the aim to improve cultural relations and provide support to studying and promoting cultural historical heritage and traditions between Bulgaria and Greece;
  • To cooperate with other business development councils and chambers of commerce that are operating in Bulgaria;
  • To encourage the creation of a network with other Greek organisations of similar nature operating in the other Balkan countries.

Activity Framework

I. Business Support Services

  • Advise on Bulgarian-Greek general economic trends, market intelligence, and government regulations and policies;
  • Advise on specific business practice issues or projects; Advice on various business service providers and consulting resources;
  • Identify and refer business opportunities to members;
  • Interacting with Greek business interests groups and trade missions visiting Bulgaria;
  • Organise seminars/workshops on the trade and investment climate, general business practices and potential investment opportunities;
  • Provide information about forthcoming fairs and exhibitions and assist its members to participate in them;
 II. Policy Advocacy and Public Affairs

  • Ad-hoc talks and discussions with key business leaders, both from Greece and Bulgaria, on matters relating to trade and investments;
  • Organise meetings with representatives of Bulgarian governmental bodies and institutions to discuss issues concerning the trade relations between the business circles of the two countries, as well as for the promotion of Greek investments to Bulgaria;
  • Present member companies: corporate image, products and services.

III.  Briefings/Conferences and Networking Opportunities

  • Organise policy briefings, conferences and special events thus giving the Council’s members access to Bulgaria’s top decision makers, and also provide an important networking opportunity for members of the business community to discuss past experience and future projects.
  • Hosting major conferences that advance member interests and provide practical value;
  • Provide a forum for ideas, opportunities, and personal contacts that will promote education, commerce, and industry between the Bulgaria and Greece;
  • In partnership with other organizations and institutions, take part (both in Bulgaria and abroad) in international projects related to the activity of HBCB.
 IV. Publication and Information Services
  • HBCB WEB-site
  • HBCB quarterly reviews, newsletters and press release;
  • HBCB awareness and promotional events.