We are committed to the highest level of integrity in all our relationships: to demonstrate honesty and sincerity in all of our dealings, upholding only the highest ethical principles; to provide open and transparent communications to create informed opinion.

We strive for continuous improvement in our performance that meets the needs and expectations of our members. When we commit to doing something, we do it in the best, most complete, most efficient and most timely way possible, ensuring that integrity and respect for people are never compromised.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism. We measure success by our ability to anticipate, create and implement solutions that help HBCB members achieve their objectives.

Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria

The Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria is a private, non-government, non-profit organization founded in 2005, which offers its own network of contacts, mutual assistance and information exchange. It represents the interests of its members and assumes the role of accelerating the trade and investment between Bulgaria and Greece.

Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria

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