Consumers sticking with e-commerce

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The closure of stores until just a few days ago, fear of crowds and the increasing familiarization of consumers with e-commerce have led many Greeks to continue shopping online. The latest six-month survey by the Association of Business and Retail Sales of Greece (SELPE) has shown that the percentage of consumers who shop online is growing, even though the satisfaction rate remains low. Half of the consumers who make online purchases say they will continue to buy online even after the full opening of brick-and-mortar stores.

Among internet users 61% performed online purchases over the two-week period of the survey in December, up from 51% in the previous survey last June. In 2019 the rate had stood at just 21%.

The problems observed over the last couple of months in delivery delays do not appear to have put consumers off making further purchases, with all product categories showing an increase in intention to keep shopping online, even though just 38% of people polled said they are very satisfied with the delivery services.

A quarter of respondents said they were not at all satisfied with their deliveries.

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