Dendias: Gov’t has chosen to invest in economic diplomacy

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“The Greek government has chosen to invest in economic diplomacy, raising this to a factor of major importance for Greece’s foreign policy,” underlined Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on Wednesday, addressing the Panhellenic Exporters’ Association conference on “Export opportunities against the crisis”.

As Dendias pointed out, at the present conjucture, an increase in exports can contribute decisively to mitigating the serious economic repercussions of the health crisis, while underlining that the economic environment that is now forming is not easy.”At the core of our policy is the admission that collaboration in trade not only serves our economic interests but also contributes to the creation of a community of interests with other countries, so it is an element we must capitalise on, not only financially but also politically”.

Reviewing his ministry’s actions in 2019, Dendias pointed to its participation in 355 entirely business-oriented actions promoting openness in 69 countries.

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