Dr Larry Cohen With a Special Lecture in Ikea

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Dr. Larry Cohen will perform a special free lecture on "Connection, confidence and discipline" in IKEA. The event will be held a day before the second workshop "Parenting as a game." The world famous physician, psychotherapist, gaming therapist and author of books for parents will be in the country at the invitation of Parvite 7 – online media for parents and children. 
During his special lecture at IKEA Dr. Cohen will tell parents about approaches to children proposed by him and will prove them in practice. The aim is to get a close relationship between the child and the parent based on understanding. For this purpose, the specialist advises young moms and dads to use skillful combination of empathy and play to allow children to gain confidence in themselves. He shows with many examples how this can happen in practice.
Exclusive lecture in IKEA will be held on 25 October at 18:00 in the restaurant of the store.

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