Flexi Home Loan Offered under Improved Interest Rates, Free of Application and Early Repayment Fees

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Postbank offers its “Flexi” home loan under improved interest rates and a promotion until the end of April will see all new loans freed from the application fee. In addition, loans extended during the promotional period will be freed from the early payment fee when paid without refinancing. The bank now offers clients the opportunity to submit online applications for the loan on its webpage.

The innovative home loan continues to be a unique product on the market by allowing clients to control the amount of their monthly repayments amounts. This function of the financial product helps clients adapt the amount of the monthly installments to their needs and resources – during selected 6 months of the year they can reduce the amount of their monthly installments by 50% of the original amount, or increase it by 200%. The loan receiver may also omit one installment per year. These options are applicable after the first year of regular loan repayment and are can also be applied to already extended loans from the bank with an annual repayment plan. In this way current loan holders may also pay less if faced with unexpected circumstances or more if they have surplus funds .

The Flexi home loan is offered under a floating interest starting from 7% in Euro when combined with the “Easy Life” package. The maximum loan size is 250,000 Euro with tenure up to 30 years. The loan is extended in BGN and EUR with an LTV up to 80%.

Additional information on the Flexi home loan is available at all Postbank branches countrywide.


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