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In 2012, GLOBUL and GERMANOS saved over 250 tons of paper and collected 2.4 tons of handsets, batteries and accessories for recycling.

Both the companies’ green initiatives and the large number of customers who responded to the call for responsible behavior contributed to achieving those results. At the end of 2012, 54% of all GLOBUL subscribers had canceled their paper invoice and, as a result, about 118 tons of paper were saved in 2012, which is 37% more compared to 2011. In addition, 28% of all pre-paid b-connect recharges made last year were electronic, which saved nearly 6 tons of paper. In addition, GLOBUL and GERMANOS managed to save another over 130 tons of paper by implementing a project aimed at optimizing the distribution of their trade catalogs.

The two companies also registered 2.4 tons of old mobile phones, batteries and accessories deposited in their shops in 2012 which marks 83% increase compared to 2011. Since the start of the initiative in 2008, GLOBUL and GERMANOS have collected over 10 tons of electronic waste for recycling.

As part of its long-term environmental sustainability strategy GLOBUL Green, the operator takes a variety of measures to reduce energy consumption in its telecommunications network. Recently, the company inaugurated its largest photovoltaic facility which is installed at its own building in Sofia and is expected to produce from 7,300 to 15,000 kWh of electricity per year. In 2012 alone, GLOBUL installed photovoltaic panels at nearly 40% of its off-grid base stations, mostly located in remote areas, in order to reduce diesel fuel consumption. Also, GLOBUL doubled the number of its base stations equipped with free cooling systems which reduce the air-conditioning energy consumption by some 70%.

In recognition of its efforts in the environmental sustainability area, last year the company received a Green Business award by the Ministry of Environment and Water for the GLOBUL Green strategy, and some 77% of Bulgarian consumers perceive GLOBUL as Bulgaria’s green operator according to a marketing survey for 2012.

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