Globul Management Team Meets Customers

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Yesterday over 30 representatives of GLOBUL management team spent a workday meeting and talking to customers at various GLOBUL and GERMANOS shops in Sofia. 
The campaign is part of the Customer First Day initiative which is held for a second consecutive year throughout the Telenor Group and GLOBUL joins it for the first time. The initiative is aimed at facilitating more open, transparent and direct communication with customers as well as providing a close insight into their personal needs and expectations.
‘Meeting our customers face-to-face for the first time was an extremely valuable experience for me and my team. It really helped us understand better what our customers want, how satisfied they are with our services and in which areas we need improvement. We want our customers to know and actually feel they are our first priority and we are now even more determined to provide services that are most relevant to their needs.’, GLOBUL Chief Executive Officer Stein-Erik Vellan said after joining the initiative. 

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