Alfatera International LTD

Alfatera International LTD has established a feed mill in Sofia of Bulgaria. Its main activity is the collection of former foodstuffs, byproducts of food production line, in order to produce bakery meal which is an approved feed material. The aforementioned feed mill is registered and its registration number is 232100094.

Bakery meal by Alfatera International LTD is a completely safe, chemically defined and constantly available product. Qualified experts in productive livestock nutrition, who are associates of Alfatera International LTD, can undertake precisely weighted integration of bakery meal into the relevant diet or develop and plan new diets fully adapted to your production requirements.

Contact Person

Taxiarchis Nicolaos Aggelakis


Sofia , jk. Mladost 4, bl. 482, Ground floor


+ 359 87 669 9640