The products and services that GLASS CLEANING and its collaborators offer are addressed to:

  • Professional users such as industries, manufactures, commercial stores, hotel and tourist units, food and catering companies, professional cleaning stores, etc.
  • Public bodies and companies of the wider public sector
  • Educational institutions, public services, etc.
  • Distribution Companies and after-sales companies for non-network areas
  • Finally a part of the products are available for direct consumption

The areas where GLASS CLEANING can provide innumerable smart hygiene solutions:

  • Personal Care Products (liquid soaps, toilet paper, tissues, products for protection and safety)
  • Cleaning products for buildings and surfaces (detergents, cleaning tools, cleaning machinery)
  • Bathrooms (professional detergents, paper products, hygiene dispensers, cleaning tools, cleaning programmes)
  • Kitchens (detergents, paper products, hygiene dispensers, cleaning tools, cleaning programs)
  • Health Care (Paper products as protection for beds, disinfection products)
  • Building Care (machines for polishing and cleaning floors, vacuum cleaners for dust and water)

The System for Guarantee of Quality

The main goal of GLASS CLEANING strategy is its customers' best interest, achieved through high-quality products and services that totally fulfil customer satisfaction. The values on which the company based its activity are:

  • Continuing Improvement
  • High quality services
  • Great customer satisfactio

Contact Person

Dimitrios Touroutoglou


10 Poruchik Nedelcho Bonchev Str. 1528 Sofia


+359 2979 17 72