UNITED MILK COMPANY SA has decades of milk processing experience (company’s plant in Plovdiv initially opened back in 1959), being nowadays the leading Bulgarian fresh dairy company. Since 2007 UMC is part of VIVARTIA SA (Dairy & Drinks Division) global operations.

UMC played a very important role in the development of dairy business in Bulgaria in the late 90s and the first decade of 21st century. Starting just after the privatization of 7 former dairies through its ownership stages it influenced in positive ways the linked businesses such as dairy farming (Milk Zone), traditional and modern trade landscape development etc.

Company’s production is consolidated in big processing center located in the city of Plovdiv. UMC’s plant is EU certified and perceived as Bulgarian best milk processing practices example, visited constantly by big number of EU and other countries agricultural delegations.

UMC has a portfolio of products offering variety of yoghurt and fresh milk, UHT milk, butter, limited cheeses. The main brand is Vereia with a range of traditional Bulgarian set yoghurts and fresh milk; Vereia BDS yoghurts; Vereia zero fat range fresh milk and yoghurt; Vereia Calcium functional fresh milk; Vereia yoghurts with fruit pieces range, as well as drinking yoghurts; Vereia butter and white brined cheese. For the Bulgarian consumers company offers also Fibella Wave flavoured UHT milk range, Fibella plain UHT milk and plain traditional yoghurts range; as well as Khansko range of fresh milk in self-standing pouch and BDS yoghurts; Russalka yoghurts. In a limited range UMC offers cheeses made from cow and sheep milk being a trusted exporter to the US, Australia, Lebanon, Canada, and Russia. (UMC is a certified cheese exporter to the EU and Russia.)

The credo of UMC’s national brand Vereia - ‘With care for you’ – describes mostly the company’s philosophy. Evolving with consumers UNITED MILK COMPANY will continue investing in and developing the Bulgarian dairy market while providing with high quality and healthy products; to ensure good care for today’s and the generations to come.

Contact Person

Veronika Bozhilova


3 Dunav Blvd 4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


(+359 32) 900 101