Huge interest in register for startups

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Online startup register Elevate Greece, launched last week, received more than 100 registration applications from companies in its first 24 hours of operation, Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis has revealed.

The register is seen evolving into a bridge connecting new-generation companies with investors, as the registration of startups (that fulfill certain eligibility criteria) will grant them greater access to funding.

Venture capital market sources acknowledge that the creation of Elevate Greece offers investors a fuller picture on the sector, the region, the area of activity etc of each startup. At the same time this instrument also allows them and everyone interested in the local startup ecosystem to monitor the course of a company as well as the sum of its financing from foreign and domestic investors. A market professional however points out to Kathimerini that it would have been more useful if the register had already included certain startups which have already drawn financing from the Equifund investment funds.

Elevate Greece also makes it easier for the companies to attract talent to enhance their team.

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