In March shopping with IKEA credit card from Postbank brings 10% discount upon purchase at IKEA store

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Only in March the holders of IKEA credit card offered by Postbank and designed especially for shopping at IKEA store can benefit from a special offer – 10% discount upon purchase of home goods from the store. The discount will be applied at the IKEA store at the moment of payment. The price of the goods paid with IKEA card is reduced by 10%. The offer is valid every Wednesday and Thursday in March, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The offer is valid for purchases of goods from individual customers only. There is no limit on the number or value of purchases except within the approved credit limit for the respective client. The discount is also valid for purchases with IKEA credit card in equal monthly instalments.  

More information about the special offer and the general conditions of the IKEA card is available at:

  • – Postbank’s 24/7 Customer Service Center at tel. 0800 18 000 (toll-free for calls within the country).

About IKEA credit card offered by Postbank:

Postbank is the only bank in Bulgarian offering IKEA credit card. The card can be used only for purchases at IKEA store in Bulgaria. The card allows payment of purchases in equal monthly instalments enabling the clients of IKEA Bulgaria and Postbank to buy the goods desired immediately but to pay as per their preference within a period of 3 to 36 months. The credit card has no annual maintenance fee and no fee for credit approval, and the monthly fee amounting at BGN 2.50 is charged only if the card is used or if it has outstanding obligations. Postbank offers the cardholders a preferential interest rate and grace period up to 45 days. Within this period no interest is charged in the case that full repayment of the credit for purchase is made. 

Clients of the store can apply for the IKEA credit card by visiting any branch of Postbank, an authorised employees of Postbank at the IKEA store, or at Postbank offers its clients also the option to apply for additional card for a family member.

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