Last news from Greece: Kikilias: The effort to protect the health of our fellow citizens has paid off

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“The effort to protect the health of our fellow citizens has so far paid off and this is credited to the doctors, the nurses, all the staff of the hospitals, but also to the citizens, whom I want to thank once again for the great compliance as well as the positive way they react to all this effort,” Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Sunday during a visit to the Tripoli’s hospital.
“We have a month ahead of us, April, which is very critical and I don’t think that any of us want to see the shocking and tragic images we see in other European countries,” he said adding that “we are not playing with this deadly virus.”
Kikilias stressed: “I want to emphasize once again that we must all discipline ourselves in order to protect ourselves and the vulnerable groups.”
“I am sure that if this is done, then there will be better days for our country, better days as far as it concerns this global crisis, the pandemic, that all health systems around the world are striving to deal with,” the minister said.

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