Market trend – City College/University of Sheffield: Free seminar: Turning Innovation to Competitive Advantage

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The seminar “Turning Innovation to Competitive Advantage” will take place on July 12 at 18:00h, at Fest Hotel Sofia. The event aims at managers with different background, who seek innovative ways to turn their creativity into lucrative results in terms of business processes, products, or services at their organizations.

Honorary speaker of the seminar is Mr. Stelios Kehaghias- Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management, Executive MBA programme at The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College. Mr. Kehaghias is owner of one of the largest companies for chemicals and fertilizers distribution in Greece, and executive manager at a consulting agency.

That seminar is the starting point of Innovation Challenge 2012- business contest organized by Market Trend- Marketing Consultancy Agency, and Job Tiger. Innovation Challenge 2012 will seek out prominent professionals with unconventional business ideas and flair for innovation. Finalists will receive scholarships for the prestigious University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College with collective value amounting to over EUR 30 000. The ultimate innovator will win an 100% University of Sheffield Executive MBA Scholarship.

In order to reserve your place on the free seminar, please claim your presence at 02/ 961 62 63.

For more information:

Elitsa Petrova, PR Expert, Market Trend- Marketing Consultancy Agency

Tel.:  0885 53 18 95; 02/ 961 62 63, E-mail:

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