National action plan for disability rights ‘the first with measurable targets’, says PM

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Greece is for the first time acquiring a comprehensive policy document that sets clear and measurable targets for dealing with the complex problem of disability, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Wednesday, speaking at the presentation of the National Plan of Action on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

“As a person that had the privilege of growing up in a home with a person, my mother, who had mobility difficulties, I perhaps more acutely aware of the weight of the responsibility we have to tackle this issue in a comprehensive way,” the prime minister noted.

“The first step is the National Action Plan. Obviously, we will be judged during its implementation,” he added, while highlighting the plan’s mechanism for the monitoring and evaluation of the individual actions across six pillars and 30 targets.

“It is a complex task, as each category of people with disabilities has their own particularity,” he pointed out, adding: “What must be horizontal is society’s solicitude in not leaving any of our citizens behind and in giving everyone the opportunity to get wherever they are able. If we do not train a spotlight on the problems faced by those with disabilities, they may never know where their true limits are.”

The government has set ambitious targets and set the bar of its expectations high, Mitsotakis continued, adding that the “the presidency of the government has an obligation to systematically follow the implementation of the plan, prioritising its flagship actions, which are the personal assistant and early intervention, early diagnosis that makes all the difference, and naturally accessibility, both physical and digital.”



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