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THE MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, ENERGY AND TOURISM, under the Operational Program “Competitiveness “, has started the long-awaited Grant Scheme:  Upgrade of Technologies in Large Enterprises with a deadline for submission of applications: 07.09.2010.

This is the last program for LARGE enterprises and will have a total budget of 30 MLN EUR.  The program will provide 50% co-funding for investments in machinery, equipment and other fixed assets as well as software and other intangible assets.

All industries are eligible with the exception of the following:

  • § Fishing and aquacultures
  • § Food and Beverage Industry (excluding manufacture of bread, chocolate, soft drinks & mineral water)
  • § Production, processing and trade of agricultural products
  • § Coal and steel mining; Ship-building; Synthetic fibers
  • § Production, processing and/or marketing of cork products.

Investment                                                      Grant

Minimum  in BGN

2 000 000

000 000

Maximum in BGN

8 000 000

4 000 000


For more information about the program please contact ICAP BULGARIA at (02)8014-128/131.


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