Postbank again named best custodian bank in Bulgaria

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The financial institution has led the ranking of prestigious Global Custodian magazine for the 10th consecutive year


14 April 2022

Postbank has been named the best custodian bank in Bulgaria for a consecutive year by Global Custodian ( – a prestigious global magazine covering areas such as capital markets, asset management and investment activity. Each year, the magazine compiles a ranking of banks providing custody services, which is based on a survey conducted among their clients.

According to the latest results published and announced by Global Custodian, Postbank strongly dominates and reaffirmed its leadership position by demonstrating impressive grades, which are higher not only than those of other competitors, but also than the average for the custodian services market in Bulgaria.

Global Custodian uses a total of 10 indicators for its assessment. It points out in its 2021 analysis that Postbank reported growth that is remarkable even compared to global market averages especially in the Regulations and Legality, and Asset Storage and Risk Management categories.

“This recognition is really valuable to us because it reflects the opinion and attitude of our customers. The high results are proof of our successful efforts to provide the perfect service that brings maximum customer satisfaction. In order to respond to the dynamics in the sector, we are constantly investing in innovative technologies and developing the professional qualities of our team. We deem the first place in this prestigious ranking a responsibility to the high expectations of our customers and we are ambitious to continue working with the same energy and dedication to protect their interests and trust,” Postbank comments.

Postbank has been offering the full range of high-quality custodial and depository services to local and foreign institutional clients since 2004. To maintain this standard, since 2019, the financial institution has been using a new automated software system that fully meets the quality requirements and ensures structural separation of customer service processes of the Front Office Unit and the Operating Unit.

The services Postbank offers include storage of client portfolios of financial instruments, settlement of transactions with financial instruments, information services and processing of corporate events, collection of income and receivables from financial instruments, exercising a control function regarding compliance with regulations and other rules.

Since 2010, Postbank has been the exclusive representative of one of the biggest European depositors, Clearstream Banking Luxembourg, and is the biggest depository bank in Bulgaria with a 55% market share, the highest number of mutual funds, serviced collective investment schemes, as well as access to capital markets in over 120 countries.

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