Postbank and Mastercard® have created a Green Classroom on Vitosha

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Radina Kardzhilova and Deyan Donkov actively joined the socially responsible initiative,

which took place on the territory of Vitosha Nature Park

 19 July 2021

Green Classroom near the Bear Museum now welcomes all visitors to the Vitosha Nature Park. The innovative amphitheater corner for learning and entertainment is the result of the first phase of Postbank, Mastercard and Vitosha Nature Park’s joint project. The project second stage will include the construction of a connecting alley between the Green Classroom and the Arboretum area, so that tourists can move safely in the forest between the two sites without using the main road.

Nearly 100 employees from both companies actively participated in the finishing activities of the project. Special guests Deyan Donkov and Radina Kardzhilova also contributed to the building of a creative space where children will be able to learn and have fun outdoors, in the nature of Vitosha Mountain. The volunteers varnished and completed the amphitheater stage with its adjoining tables and benches; they placed information boards about the location and an educational board with interesting information about plant and animal species, varnished all Vitoshki-type tables and benches located in the area, put a new interactive board showing where the animals that inhabit Vitosha live and what they eat. The Green classroom is designed in unison with the modern concept of learning by playing and some of the tables on the amphitheater stage have built-in board games – two “forest” chess games and a puzzle, and for the youngest visitors to the mountain there is a clock with night and diurnal animals. Attractive and interactive, the boards and games provide rich opportunities for learning and cultivate respect for the animal and plant species that are found on Vitosha.

The green adventure was joined by many children who took part in a special discussion at the Bear Museum, various games, as well as a workshop with non-traditional musical instruments from around the world. Volunteers from both companies expanded their green knowledge by participating in the Minute for Ecology by ASORI (Association for Social Responsibility and Development through Innovation). Finally, all volunteers relaxed in the musical atmosphere to the captivating sounds of handpan, one of the non-traditional instruments introduced on the event.

The Green Classroom project is part of Postbank’s active socially responsible policy. It builds on a series of green projects that the financial institution has implemented together with the Directorate of Vitosha Nature Park over the past few years, as part of the internal programme Green Together with Postbank. Building a green self-awareness is part of the bank’s corporate policy and the goal of these projects is not only to enrich the environment, but also to motivate as many people as possible to take conscious action to protect nature.

„Green Outdoor Classroom is a very special project for us. We launch it in the year in which we celebrate 30 years on the Bulgarian market. Once again we are working in partnership with Vitosha Nature Park to make the mountain even more attractive and to raise the awareness among tourists, even the youngest ones. Once again we prove that we are a green team and nature conservation is a mission that unites our employees. But this time our numbers are greater, the project is even bigger and we have a new strong partner – Mastercard. The results so far bring us satisfaction and a sense of sustainable efforts and changes,” Postbank commented.

“As of this year, Mastercard is involving its partners around the world – banks and cardholders in a green network of initiatives, eco-team building – volunteer actions and digital transactions with a charitable element in the name of the future of our planet. We are grateful that Postbank’s team is among our first partners in this direction in Bulgaria. We believe that a critical moment has come in which to make sense of our personal actions and how together – as a group and through accumulation – to implement the real change for nature on the agenda,” said Vanya Manova, Mastercard Manager for Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

“We thank Postbank and Mastercard for the support in recognizing the cause of the Directorate of Vitosha National Park for improving the infrastructure of the park. The Green Classroom is a long-term initiative aimed at introducing alternative approaches to learning by experiencing in nature. With its creation we will upgrade the opportunities for conducting children’s educational initiatives in an accessible and favorite place, near the capital, among the wonderful nature of Vitosha Park.

The designated corner allows teachers to combine many different topics and present them to students in an interesting, easy and attractive way. We believe that outdoor lessons will create environmental awareness and responsible behavior in children and teenagers by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the relationships in the environment. We hope that our joint activities will continue and we will make the mountain even more accessible and attractive for children and adults,” said Dr. Eng. Anna Petrakieva, director of Vitosha Nature Park.

The second stage of the joint green project is to be implemented next year. You can find more about the Green Classrom here, as well as the photos of the event.


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