Postbank is the first company in Bulgaria with Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report prepared in accordance with a leading international standard and certified by independent external auditor

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Postbank published the first Bulgarian Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report prepared according to the international standard G3 of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and certified by an independent external auditor. This is the third CSR report published by the financial institution.

The report for corporate social responsibility and sustainable development covers the period from January 1 to December 31 2010 and includes key data for the economic, ecological and social performance of the Bank in accordance with the criteria and requirements of the G3 standard.

For verifying the reliability of the announced data Postbank partners with the independent auditor Kreston BulMar, which made a revision of the main information represented in the report in accordance with the principles and criteria of AA1000 AS (2008) – an international standard for audit of reports for corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. The confirmation of the information represented in the report by a third independent party is an additional guarantee for its credibility and once again shows the willingness of Postbank to be maximum open and transparent regarding its influence over environment, economy and society as a whole.

“Despite the unstable financial situation in the last years, Postbank has always strived to be a socially responsible company. Being an institution with long-standing traditions in supporting social causes, we go forward alongside with the leading global corporations and present our first report prepared in accordance with the globally recognized standard for sustainability reporting: G3 of GRI. With this Report we want to share our economic, social and environmental commitments in 2010. Sustainability is not only a programme or initiative; it is a way of doing business. In long-term respect, our success depends on our ability to keep our promises to clients, investors, staff and other stakeholders”, said Anthony Hassiotis, CEO of Postbank.

In the report for the first time is represented an overall frame for corporate responsibility of the company, which aims achieving sustainable future development. The report is focused on several fields, which Postbank considers fundamental for its business, such as relations with clients, employees, shareholders and suppliers as well as the undertaken commitments to the environment and the society it operates in.

The report of the bank is available online at:

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