Postbank launches modern digital self-service zones unique for the market

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The innovative service is abreast with global practices designed to meet modern consumers’ expectations for swifter and more convenient services

Postbank is making yet another step towards expanding its innovative services by launching digital self-service zones, which provide faster and more convenient services to customers. They are now available in 30 Postbank offices in 15 cities in Bulgaria where specialized devices with modern design, intuitive navigation and lots of functionalities have been installed. The new digital self-service zones enable customers to implement almost all operations available in Postbank offices without having to wait in lines. In order to use the new self-service zones, customers need only their active card, which serves as a means of identification. They do not have to sign up for Postbank internet banking option in advance.

Postbank clients can use the self-service zones to:

  • Deposit or withdraw cash from their Postbank cards and accounts;
  • Make transactions in BGN to Postbank accounts or other Bulgarian banks’ accounts from all of their Postbank accounts;
  • Request bank statements for all of their Postbank products and print account or card statements;
  • Receive Western Union monetary transactions;
  • Apply for a credit product;
  • Repay liabilities to Postbank credit cards;
  • Pay bills via their bank cards.

Of all these features can benefit both individuals and corporate customers of the bank, the latter previously have to declare their registration in the office of the bank. Modern self-service devices are also available for use by customers of other banks, and only some of the functionalities are valid for them, including cash withdrawals and household bills payment via their bank cards.

“We value our clients’ time and are constantly striving to improve our products and services by providing innovative and modern solutions, which are abreast with global practices. Unlike other bank self-service zones in Bulgaria, Postbank provides access to accounts and products to its clients only via their bank cards. In our digital self-serving zones, upon quick card identification, Postbank clients can carry out the most common bank operations, including transactions between their own accounts or transitions in BGN to someone else’s bank account in Bulgaria without having to sign up for Postbank internet banking option in advance. Besides, one of the reasons why clients visit bank offices is to receive bank account or card statements. Now they can easily and quickly print them without resorting to Postbank staff’s assistance. The new service is a continuation of the bank’s strategy for offering its clients as many self-service options as possible, thus giving more time to its experts in professional consumer consultation, especially regarding Postbank’s more specific bank products,” Postbank commented.

Until end-2020, Postbank will continue increasing the number of its offices across the country with digital self-service zones. It is preparing numerous new functionalities, which will further expand banking options, for early 2021. The modern zones are part of the already started process of transformation of the broad branch network of the financial institution, which successfully opened its first new generation digital branches in end-2019.

More information about the new digital self-service zones and the services they offer is available at


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