Postbank launches mortgage lending of a new dimension

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The bank offers its clients a remote process of financing their new home, combining digital technologies and banking

26 November 2020


Postbank has opened its first online mortgage lending centre, thus introducing a new model for fast and convenient customer service. The new digital mortgage lending solution is a continuation of the services the bank offers in its specialized mortgage lending centres. Moving the lending process to a digital environment, Postbank is building on the service of online application for mortgage loans in order to fully meet consumers’ expectations for remote consultations and communication with the bank during the lending process.

The new service will enable customers to remotely apply for a mortgage loan and rely on high-level customer service in online consultations provided by the bank’s experts, who will assist them at every stage of the lending process, including via video consultation, in making an individual offer, preparing the required documents, application submission, sending a loan approval letter, real property market value assessment. This way the need for visiting a bank branch is minimized.

“Our clients’ time is really important for us and this is why we constantly strive to offer them more convenient and fast customer service via our banking channels. The new situation we are in has changed the sentiments of our clients, who are interested in mortgage lending, and now they expect this process to happen not only fast, but also digitally. This is why we provide them with this opportunity in our first online mortgage lending centre, at the same time reducing the risks for our client’s and employees’ health. We also merged digital technologies and banking in order to create new modern mortgage lending process,” Postbank commented.

“Our first online mortgage lending centre builds on our existing good practices by providing our clients with remote access to a great number of the bank’s mortgage lending services. They can rely on professional advice from our employees who have high expertise in the segment. The service is a logical continuation of our digitalization strategy, which we are successfully implementing and with which we are striving to offer universal bank services and excellent consumer experience in line with our clients’ needs. This way, we will be even closer to customers, offering them the most suitable financial decision for their new home,” Postbank added.

More information about Postbank’s new online mortgage lending centre and various mortgage lending products is available on, in the bank’s specialized centres and offices, via EVA Postbank mobile app, by meeting with a mobile banking expert or on short code*7224.

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