Postbank’s Executive Director Petia Dimitrova among the finalists of “Manager of the year 2011” competition

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Postbank’s Executive Director Petia Dimitrova is among the finalists of the prestigious competition “Manager of the year 2011”. The nomination is an outstanding recognition of the work, the results and the achievements of Mrs Dimitrova and the entire team of Postbank.

„The high opinion of the team of “Manager of the year” competition makes me very proud. It is great honor for me to be among the finalists – being nominated by a jury of proven high management level professionals who know closely the financial sphere, the management and the processes of motivation of various types of employees”, Ms Dimitrova said. “Our team has proven that difficult situations stand both as challenges and as opportunities for continuous improvement when business has been lead professionally, when the company has set itself high goals and when it has shared values and successful causes.”

Petia Dimitrova started her career in 1996. She joined the team of Postbank in 2003 as chief financial officer and in 2005 she was appointed Procurator of the Bank. In 2007 she was appointed Executive Director and Member of MB of DZI Bank and after the merger of DZI Bank and Postbank she became Executive Director of the new legal entity. In 2007 Mrs. Dimitrova was elected Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee in the Association of Banks in Bulgaria. In January 2009 she was elected Chairperson of the Supervisory Council of Audit Bureau of Circulations – Bulgaria, in February 2009 she was admitted as a Fellow Member of the Chartered Management Institute, UK. In 2011 Mrs. Dimitrova was elected Member of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria. She is also a Member of the Committee for Financial Services of the CEIBG and the Club of the Financial Directors in Bulgaria.

 “Manager of the year” is a competition made to recognize the achievements in the field of top management in Bulgaria. The major goal of the competition is to praise the managers who run successfully companies at local level by using best management practices and by possessing the personal characteristic required for being an excellent manager. This is the fourth consecutive edition of the competition. Among the participants are top level managers – superiors, executive directors, chairmen of management bodies, representing leading companies in Bulgaria, in charge of strategic decision making processes related to the companies’ operations and development. All nominees are assessed on the basis of three groups of criteria: financial performance, good management practices and personal characteristic.

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