Postbank successfully integrated six robots in its administration’s work Through the innovative RPA technology the bank optimizes 20 standard processes within the largest robotization project in the sector

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5 August 2020

Postbank integrated six robots in the Credit Administration operations, which successfully finalized a pilot project for automation of 20 different work processes with the assistance of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies. With the introduction of this innovation, the bank optimizes the activity of one of the busiest units and relieved the daily duties of its employees by transferring a huge amount of their work to the so-called robots.

Postbank is the first banking institution in Bulgaria to carry out such a large-scale serious optimization, using the most modern technological solutions. RPA technologies are an innovative development that is essentially a software bot programmed to execute human-like processes and applications. Robots automate the same type of repetitive tasks that take up a lot of employees’ time.

Using RPA technology, six robots were “trained” to perform 20 of the traditional Credit Administration processes such as: creating documents from templates, updating user profiles, entering invoice data, processing payments and more.

The robots integration allowed the bank to free up a resource of over 100 man-days per month. The processing time of automated processes was reduced by an average of about 80%, and the operational risk of errors in manual operations was reduced from about 5% to virtually zero. Calculations show that saving time and cost brings a return on investment (ROI) of 3:1 for one year.

The technological development was performed by Service Centrix and its introduction in the work of the bank took six months, which is an extremely short time given the complexity and scale of the project. The other great advantage of the technology is that it guarantees the same results even when the volume of work increases, and the possible increase can be quickly and efficiently covered by the inclusion of more robots.

With the implementation of this project, Postbank reaffirms its position as a technological leader in the sector, as this is the first such large-scale, ambitious and complex process automation program implemented by a Bulgarian bank. The innovative project not only optimizes vital internal processes, but also saves much of the specialists’ time, allowing them to focus their efforts on solutions that require their creativity and professional skills. This approach fully reflects the strategic effort of the bank to build a motivating environment for its employees, thus encouraging their opportunities to develop their potential. As an end-effect, the innovations lead to the improvement of the overall customer experience, since activities that are directly related to the efficient and complete customer service are optimized.

 Postbank plans to expand the scope of innovation by developing and integrating new robots that will optimize even more processes, some of which are directly related to the bank’s customer service.


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