Postbank unveils new, unique functionalities in its digital express banking zones

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The financial institution reports 75% coverage of urban population of its high-tech devices 

19 October 2021

One year after the project was launched, Postbank upgraded the unique express banking digital zones with a wide range of new features available via modern devices in order to offer even better convenience to its customers. The innovative digital express banking zones are now available in 34 towns where 75% of the urban population is concentrated*. The service, which is unparalleled on the Bulgarian market, offers speed, convenience and saves consumers’ money thanks to a wide range of transactions charged up to 65% lower than those in bank branches.

The concept behind the development of high-tech devices is an innovation with which Postbank addresses the global trend of consumers‘ increasing preference of digital forms of banking services. Data regarding their rapidly growing popularity shows that for less than a year almost 40% of the clients in the busiest offices conducted banking processes entirely independently. The consumers preferring the express services of modern devices include both young people and students, who are just starting to use banking services, and citizens in retirement age, who manage their personal finances independently. The average age of clients is 42.5 years, with the youngest registered being aged only 18 and the oldest – 96. The financial institution reports an impressive variety of representatives of various professions from all sectors of the Bulgarian economy among the most regular customers of the innovative digital zones. The exceptional popularity of the unique service is due both to the wide range of options for independent banking, unparalleled on the Bulgarian market, and to the speed and convenience it provides.


“Consumer experience is at the core of our commitment to continuous improvement of the large-scale portfolio of products and services we offer to our customers. This is why we are constantly developing and upgrading modern digital solutions that save time and resources. In addition to being able to conduct the most common bank transactions in our innovative digital zones, customers now can deposit funds to cards and accounts in EUR, not just in BGN. Another feature we added to the innovative devices is the electronic receipt issued after performing banking operations or transactions. This way, both our customers and we will reduce the impact on the environment and will contribute to the protection of natural resources. As a high-tech institution focused on the future of banking, we continue to develop Postbank’s rich portfolio of products and services, and to offer modern digital solutions to our customers,” Postbank commented.


Thanks to the upgraded functionalities of the digital express banking zones, customers can independently conduct almost all cash-desk operations. The bank’s customers now have the opportunity to make transactions in EUR in the EU and the European Economic Area countries in order to instantly exchange currencies between their accounts. They also can make EUR deposits because the modern devices accept euro banknotes. Customers can pay fast, easy and conveniently their local taxes and fees for real estate and cars, pay their utility bills or create a subscription with over 250 merchants, to opt for receiving electronic invoices by email as way to protect and be responsible towards the environment.


The digital express banking zones are open both to Postbank’s individual and corporate clients, who must sign up in a bank office in advance in order to use them. Customers of other banks also have access to the functional devices to withdraw cash and pay utility bills. This way, the financial institution again meets the expectations of its customers, providing the necessary convenience in the busy daily life of modern consumers.


More information about the new functionalities and a full list of the locations of the digital express zones is available at

*NSI data as of 2020.


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