Postbank with new lower interest rates for all home and mortgage loans in BGN

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Postbank reduced the interest rates for all home and mortgage loans with 0.5%. The preferential conditions are specially developed to meet the demand for long-term loans for the households and the business with favourable interest rates conditions.

The interest rates for home and mortgage loans start from 7.35% and the promotional offer includes additional discounts for the “Easy life” package, offered with the credit. . The requirements to use the “Easy life” package are: payroll and debit card, at least one utility bill payment using “Universal payer” and “Life” insurance.

In addition each client who gets a house or a mortgage loan over 20 000 BGN, will receive an IKEA credit card from Postbank with 500 BGN as a gift. The gift can be used for the purchase of home goods at IKEA store in Sofia and this promo offer is valid until May 31st 2012.

The new offer is suitable for clients seeking long-term security because it eliminates all currency risk for the whole period of the loan. Additional advantage is the Internet banking service, which allows Postbank clients to remotely manage all their accounts without visiting a branch of the Bank.

Additional information for all home and mortgage loans offers can be found at or at the closest Postbank branch, where clients will also receive a professional personal consultation.

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