Presentation skills training by Wilson Learning and HBCB

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HBCB in collaboration with Wilson Learning organized training on presentation skills on May 13-14. The training took place at Sheraton Sofia Balkan and was carried in the course of two full days. Participants from six member-companies and the HBCB office took part in the training: Eko Bulgaria, Entersoft, Eurobulstroy Holding, Law Office Ivanova&Terziyska, United Milk Company and Zlatna Panega Cement. The training was focused on delivering clear, concise and compelling presentations which are essential part of any business today. The trainees had to perform in various situations and in different roles so as to improve their confidence and learn how to deliver their message in the best way. HBCB will continue this type of cooperation with member-companies and will offer different forms of value-added services to the members.

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