PwC’s Academy invites you to the Negotiations for Professionals training

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When: 8-9 May 2019
In today's dynamic business environment, negotiation skills can be your competitive advantage. This training course focuses on influencing and negotiating effectively in the face of complicated situations.
If you are a business professional who wants or needs to take their negotiation skills and
self-awareness to a higher level of effectiveness, this is the training for you.
What will you gain?
  • Understand more about different negotiations styles
  • Systematic framework of key elements and phases in negotiations
  • Discover your strengths and areas for improvement as a negotiator
  • Improve your confidence in communicating successfully
  • Learn how to create your strategy for successful negotiations
Find out more here.
HBCB members are entitled to a special 20% discount from the standard price of the trainings.

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