PwC’s Academy invites you to come and be inspired by the Shaolin tradition in dealing with stress and anxiety.

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PwC’s Academy gives you the chance to experience and use the know-how of original Buddhist trainers to enhance your self-cultivation and managerial skills.
It is clear that modern professionals need a diverse set of capabilities to motivate their employees. But what about implementing these in practice?
In Shaolin culture, empowerment refers to the acceptance and the deep understanding of existing limitations. We will provide you with certain tools and knowledge to support you in improving the quality of your life and business.
Shaolin Masters are the highest representatives of the Shaolin Order, not only because of their vast knowledge, but especially for mastering themselves amongst other influences that they were surrounded with.
Important note: While the speakers are both monks, we would like to clarify that the content of the training is in no way religious.
24 February – Conflict Management The Shaolin Way
26 March – Self-Empowerment The Shaolin Way
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