Recent Challenges in The Labor Market

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A Business to Business Meeting named Recent Challenges in The Labor Market was held on June 21, 2016 in Sofia Hotel Balkan. The event was organised by the Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria at the request of its members. The theme of the meeting were the challenges related to the finding of skilled labour in Bulgaria.
The event started with a review of the labour market and the difficulties it is experiencing. Mr. Ivan Neykov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, of the Balkan Institute for Labor and Social Policy, was lecturer on the subject. Mr. Neykov stressed on the fact that “the successful way to finding qualified labour is to contribute to the acquisition of qualifications at the workplace without excluding already obtained ones.” He added that the visious cycle is supplemented by the fact that the state doesn’t provide support to the employers in order for them to train employees.
Another challenge on the labour market is the lack of a mechanism that enables the employees to see the effect of the investment in their qualifications. Mr. Neykov emphasised the fact that “we don’t have legislation which determines salary increases when a qualification is obtained.”
He noted that the problem does not concern only the way employees think, but also employers’ views. In his words, there is still the common thought pattern among employers that it is better to hire qualified experienced personnel instead of spending money for employees’ training.
The professional stressed on the fact that the idea about the cooperation between training centres and companies spreads out further. This way companies get included in the process of establishing the training programmes and the assessment of the gained knowledge.
The subject of the labour mobility and the way of getting together employees from neighbour workplaces was discussed in detail. Mr. Neykov highlighted that it will be good if a part of the financial assistance for the labour force commitment is allocated for mobility.
The topic of the efforts that the business makes in order to adapt the obsolete labour legislation to the modern needs has also been taken up. It was suggested that the companies get more active in their recommendations towards the state institutions.
After the fascinating lecture and the active discussion, 4  members of the Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria gave presentations on the topic. In the event participated:
Mr. Georgi Gueorgiev, Country Manager of Adecco Bulgaria„Career Coaching and Career Transition in Time of Change”, Mrs. Simona Basmadjieva , Manager Executive Search & Human Capital Consulting of ICAP Bulgaria-“Inspiring Recruitment – the extra mile towards employer branding”, Mrs.  Teodora Veleva,     Research Associate, Pedersen & Partners, Bulgaria-“Leaders and Managers on demand-latest trends and challenges” and Mr. Krasen Vladimirov, Senior Consultant, Stanton Chase – Bulgaria,  “Talent availability and demand for new expertise for managerial roles”.
After the event members and friends of HBCB joined the networking cocktail that was especially organised on the occasion.

HBCB would like to thank the participants in the event for their invaluable support and interesting lectures and presentations.

HBCB would like to thank its patron companies  EKO Bulgaria,  Chipita Bulgaria, Coca Cola HBC, Intralot Bulgaria, United Bulgarian Bank  for their continuous support.

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