The CEO of United Bulgarian Bank, Mr. Dimitrios Anagnostopoulos, will undertake a new important role in National Bank of Greece

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On 28 December 2012, on an extraordinary meeting the Board of Directors of UBB accepted the resignation letter of Mr. Dimitrios Anagnostopoulos and released him from the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Bank with effect from 28.12.2012. The members of the Board also approved a proposal to the extraordinary General Meeting of the Bank’s Shareholders to be held in 2013 for releasing Mr. Dimitrios Anagnostopoulos from his capacity as a BoD member.

The extensive banking experience of Mr. Dimitrios Anagnostopoulos in managerial positions with CitiBank, Athens, Finansbank, Istanbul, as well as with UBB has been the driving reason for his taking another challenge in NBG Group – joining the project team for the forthcoming merger between National Bank of Greece and Eurobank, Greece. The Board of Directors of UBB sincerely thanked Mr. Dimitrios Anagnostopoulos for his fruitful contribution to the Executive Management of UBB and wished him every success in his future professional career in NBG Group.

The Board of Directors elected Mr. Stilian Vatev CEO of the Bank. Mr Vatev is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UBB. 

Mr. Vatev has been a part of the Bank’s management since its founding in 1993. He was the CEO of UBB before the election of Mr. Anagnostopoulos, holding the position for 15 years since 1997.

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