The government intends to pay all pensioners that are entitled, Gerapetritis says

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The intention of the government is to make retroactive payments to all the pensioners entitled to them, following the decision of the Council of State, State Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis, said on Wednesday in an interview with Skai TV.

Specifically, Gerapetritis noted that “the intention of the Greek government is to have an arrangement that includes as many pensioners as possible and not just those who have appealed and this can be done within the existing fiscal space.” He added that other categories will also be supported, mainly working people, the younger generations, in order to create a positive balance for the future.

Regarding the conclusions of the parliamentary investigation committee for former minister Dimitris Papagelopoulos, Gerapetritis stressed that these will be submitted to Parliament by July 31, with the parliament then responsible for deciding whether or not he will stand trial.

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