A new, even more promising era is commencing for Baker Tilly in South East Europe with the appointment of Geoff Barnes as the new Chairman

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Baker Tilly in South East Europe is pleased to announce that Mr Geoff Barnes has been appointed as the new Chairman of its Regional Council and as the new President of the Board of Directors of Baker Tilly Klitou and Partners Ltd.

Mr Barnes will also lead the Executive Committee responsible for the coordination and supervision of the Strategic Planning of Baker Tilly in South East Europe, bringing in all his experience and expertise. His knowledge and wisdom will be utilised in further expanding Baker Tilly in the Region of Southeast Europe and enhancing the range of services offered to its clients.

The acceptance by Mr Barnes to lead Baker Tilly in South East Europe is not only an honour for the firm, that has managed to attract such a high calibre professional, but also for Cyprus and for all other four countries under the umbrella of Baker Tilly in South East Europe, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Greece.

Mr Barnes has been the CEO and President of Baker Tilly International for the past 16 years where under his leadership the network has grown its combined revenues from US$900m to US$3.8bn and its coverage from 59 countries to more than 140, with 165 member firms, 745 offices and a global workforce of 28.000.

Since qualifying with a “Big 5” firm in London, Mr Barnes has remained in the profession and has worked with a wide range of listed, multinational groups and entrepreneurial businesses across a whole range of business sectors. He was a Managing Partner of Casson Beckman, which merged with Baker Tilly in November 1997. He is currently Chairman of the International Advisory Panel of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a former member of the Council.

Last year, Mr Barnes was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) where the judging panel praised Geoff’s charisma, dedication to the accounting profession and the instrumental role he has played in developing the Baker Tilly International network since becoming CEO in 2000.

This is a significant addition to the management team of Baker Tilly in South East Europe and is closely interrelated to the promise given to its people, its clients and the business community as a whole that, the firm’s management will continue to make every effort possible, in order to enhance its presence and services by investing at people of the highest calibre, for the firm to become even better in the years to come.

The journey has just begun for Baker Tilly in South East Europe. A new, even more promising era is about to commence.

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