Baker Tilly – 20 years of Success

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Marios Klitou: “We now proceed into the next 20 years; we are ready to present even better results". Baker Tilly in South East Europe celebrated its 20-year success on the 5th of May, in an event that took place at the Cyprus Theatre Organisation building.

Mr Lakkotrypis, Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, welcomed the event, and, inter alia, highlighted that: “It is really promising indeed, in terms of the successful conclusion of our efforts for sustainable development, to be able to refer to Cypriot companies which manage to meet their operational objectives, develop and expand their activities in Cyprus and abroad”.

Mr Marios A. Klitou, Chief Executive Officer of Baker Tilly in South East Europe, after having referred to Baker Tilly’s vision 20 years ago, already accomplished today, which was its establishment in the market as one of the most successful Offices that would be chosen by customers for its professionalism, effectiveness, consistency and high-quality services, stressed that: “Our goal is to further enhance our status in the countries where we operate, so that all of our Offices, just like those in Cyprus and Moldova, rank among the five largest firms of each country”.

The event was also welcomed by Mr. Geoffrey Barnes, Chief Executive Officer and President of Baker Tilly International, who said: “I’m honoured to be part of this celebration which demonstrates this firm’s vision for growth and success. This is a great achievement for the firm and further highlights the excellent professional service they provide to businesses across South East Europe.”

Moreover, Mr James Castellano, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Baker Tilly International, after congratulating Mr Klitou for the 20 years of success, added: “On behalf of the entire Baker Tilly International network, many congratulations on your 20 year anniversary. This event acknowledges that every individual within Baker Tilly is committed to proving the best possible service to clients and to provide an environment where people can prosper”.

Finally, it is worth noting that, on the same day, Mr Klitou, accompanied by the executives of Baker Tilly International, visited Mr Nicos Anastasiades, President of the Republic of Cyprus, and engaged in a meaningful discussion on economic issues.

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