Globul Awarded By The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

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GLOBUL was awarded in the Businesses Supporting Biodiversity category at the annual awards of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation. It comes as recognition of the company’s valuable support for the National Nature Parks Day initiative by WWF Bulgaria.
The annual campaign for cleaning and preserving wild nature was launched in 2007, and GLOBUL has been providing financial and communication support for it since 2008. For the previous six years nearly 13,000 volunteers have participated in it and have collected more than 60 tons of waste. In addition, 12 bridges and new recreation areas were built and over 100 signs that explain the rules of responsible behaviour in the mountains were placed.
This year’s initiative was held under the Do Not Create New Species motto. It showed how waste disposed in the wild nature could become a new kind of species that leaves its long-term impact on the native flora and fauna in the area.
The annual awards of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation are organized to provide publicity and distinguish best practices in environmental protection. Traditionally, winners are awarded in the following eight categories: most successful biodiversity conservation campaign; best media material on preserving Bulgarian wildlife; environmental volunteering; politician with greatest attention to the Bulgarian nature; businesses supporting biodiversity; donor in the biodiversity field; institution contributing to the conservation of biodiversity; outstanding contribution to Bulgarian nature protection.

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