IKEA and Sofia City Library opened an area for early child development

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In the junior department of the City Sofia Library officially opened renovated room for early child development, designed for children aged 0 to 5 years. Renovation and furnishing were carried out with the support of IKEA.
The initiative is part of the "Start in reading: room for early child development (0 to 5 years)" and were taken into account the experience of leading world libraries.
In its activities the library is guided by an understanding of the importance of language in the formation of a child's personality.IKEA expresses its commitment to these priorities clearly and make efforts to ensure that children of all ages and nationalities live and grow better. IKEA Foundation recently began donating toys from Early Child Development kit UNICEF to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable children in the world. Its planned over the next two years toys to reach nearly 1.2 million children in need or living in conflict areas.

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