Petsas: ‘Navtex diplomacy’ leads to tension and conflict

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“The support measures announced on Saturday reach 2.3 billion euros in order to cover the loss of income in the sectors of the economy and the employees affected by the new restriction measures. If necessary, of course, they will be expanded,” government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Sunday in an interview with SKAI TV.

“The main problem is restaurants, cafes, bars. There is a minimum amount of 2,000-euro support even for small cafes. We will always be by their side because these people will not be affected only in November, they have been affected since the first moment of the pandemic and they have had very big losses combined with the reduction of tourism. Restaurants and cafes have really been hit hard. We will always be by their side, both at the level of employees and at the level of entrepreneurs. All measures are being considered,” he added.

“Navtex diplomacy” leads to tension and conflict

Referring to the new Turkish Navtex, the government spokesman said that “on the ruins, two decades ago, a good cooperation was built between the two countries and the two peoples. “Earthquake diplomacy” has proved that it leads to de-escalation and peace, while “Navtex diplomacy” has led to tension and conflict. That must be avoided.”

He reiterated that the exploratory contacts are on the table and the context is specific. “Let us resolve the one and only difference we have, which is the delimitation of the maritime zones, so that this can be a starting point for cooperation and prosperity for the peoples of the entire Eastern Mediterranean,” he said.

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