Posidonia maritime expo cancelled, next one in 2022

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The Posidonia international maritime trade fair has been cancelled this year entirely, organizers said on Monday, citing coronavirus pandemic concerns.

The exhibit, organized by Greek shipowners biennially in June, had been rescheduled for October 26-30. But organizers said that the uncertainty of the pandemic would also affect “the shipment of exhibits and the complexities of international travel”, and create obstacles to international participants, without whom “Posidonia would not be the same.”

It added that the fair that brings together the Greek and international shipping communities would not be able to deliver the results that everyone expects and is looking forward to at Posidonia.

Instead, the organizers said, “we are embarking on our preparations for the next Posidonia in June 2022 with optimism and the confidence that well before then we will have entered a world with Covid-19 under control.”


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