Postbank offers an innovative service for completely remote purchase of insurances

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The financial institution provides its latest insurance products Income Protection and Comfortable Day

to its existing clients entirely online

18 March 2021

 A leading factor in innovations and the formation of trends in the banking sector, Postbank offers its customers innovative products with added value and fast and convenient processes for their easy use. By upgrading the existing opportunities and in order to meet the maximum expectations of the consumers, the financial institution already offers the modern service of remote consulting and purchase of insurance products as well, transferring the process entirely in a digital environment. The innovative solution allows current customers to purchase selected insurance products from the rich portfolio of the bank quickly, easily, free of charge and entirely online within a few hours – through their smart device.

Postbank’s new service comes in a situation where customers’ time is more valuable than ever, and the need to have insurance protection of life, health and income becomes increasingly tangible and recognizable. To make their dreams come true and realize their ideas, customers need a trusted partner who knows their needs and puts them at the center of its plans, helping them make the best decisions in the dynamics of the hectic daily life. By taking care of its most valuable asset, the bank enables its customers to choose protection according to their individual needs: in cases of unemployment, sick leave, to protect their lives, health and ability to work.

With the Income Protection insurance programme specially developed during the pandemic, Postbank’s customers receive a choice of a wide range of coverage for full protection in a number of adverse events that may lead to loss of income. That includes the innovative coverage Caring for a Sick Person, as well as the much-needed and sought-after support in case of Unemployment, Long-Term Sick Leave and many others. The process is quick and easy – no medical examinations or documentation are required, and the selected coverage aim to maintain the standard of living even in unexpected situations.

The Comfortable Day programme is a specially developed insurance solution for the bank’s clients, which provides stable financial support for them or their relatives in case of adverse events affecting their life and health and caused by an accident or illness. The programme is designed for individuals who can choose between three insurance packages with high limits of compensation and the most appropriate way for them to pay the premium – lump-sum payment for the entire period or in installments in convenient monthly amounts.

“With the innovative service we once again provide our customers with a convenient, fast and secure way to apply for the desired insurance product, which would give them peace of mind and support in case of adverse events, from any place and directly through their mobile phone. We put their health and safety first, as well as that of our employees. We value their time and we hope that we have made it as easy as possible for them”, Postbank said. “This service is a logical continuation of our digitalization strategy, with which we not only strive to offer universal financial services, but also excellent customer service, placing the needs of our customers at the center of our development. Thus, we are even closer to them, offering them the right financial or insurance solution,” the financial institution added.

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