Postbank renovates a Vitosha trail

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Volunteers from Postbank have completely transformed a trail in Zlatni Mostove (Golden Bridges) area on Vitosha Mountain jointly with the team of the nature park and Vanja and Evgeniya Džaferović, who highly appraised the cause and actively participated in it. The Outdoor Green Stories initiative is part of the company’s sustainability, environmental policy, which shows how we can change the environment around us for the better when we join forces.
Postbank’s team mounted plates with interesting stories about the typical plant species in the area, put together and varnished a wooden bridge, installed “Vitosha-style” picnic benches, cleaned up the area and repainted the children’s swings there. Special paper coins with environmental messages and seeds, which people can use to grow their own green plants, were given away during the initiative.
After the renovation of the trail in Zlatni Mostove area, visitors would be able to scan the QR codes on the plates there to learn more about the characteristics of trees and the long-term goals of the Outdoor Green Stories initiative. The main goal is to attract people’s interest to the environment in a creative way, thus encouraging them to spend more quality time in nature.
“Volunteering, team spirit and social responsibility are the drivers of the positive changes around us. Postbank believes everyone can and should contribute with their efforts to improving of the environment they live in. This is why, we have been implementing for year a comprehensive programme for reducing our ecological footprint, as encouraging the environmentally-friendly conduct of our employees is an important step of the programme. We are glad our team has started seeing our environmental, volunteer projects as a personal cause and a way to create added value for the community. In our new project, Outdoor Green Stories, which we are planning to build upon, we not only transformed a trail in Zlatni Mostove area and made it more attractive for walks and restful activities, but also created conditions to increase the interest in the environment that surrounds up,” Postbank commented.
The financial institution has implemented various environmental, socially responsible campaigns over the years, including the internal Green Together with Postbank programme aimed at encouraging environmentally responsible conduct of the bank’s employees, and Green Heroes, an initiative aimed at supporting different local projects, implemented entirely thanks to the volunteer work of Postbank’s employees.
More information about Postbank’s initiative, Outdoor Green Stories, is available here.

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