Postbank wins an innovations award at the European Business Awards 2019

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Postbank was the only financial institution from Bulgaria to reach the finals in the 12th edition of the international competition for best practices and excellence in business – European Business Awards.
Besides being awarded as the finalist, Postbank was awarded as one of the 12 National Winners and presented our country in the final stage of the awards in Warsaw. The bank received the award as a finalist in the innovations category (The Award for Innovation with Turnover of €150M+) with its credit chatbot EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant), which was developed for the consumers' convenience, and provides consultations 24/7 in the popular application Facebook Messenger.
"We are happy that our credit chatbot won recognition as an innovative service not only on a national, but also on a European level. We are proud with the high accolade National Winner, because it is a proof for the success of our team and our joint efforts to improve and become even more effective in meeting our customers' expectations, who seek a trusted partner in their bank and convenient services that would make their daily lives easier. This year, in order to come even closer to our customers and provide added value services, we upgraded the chatbot functionalities. We offered our customers the EVA Postbank mobile application with the "live chat" functionality for a quick connection with the bank's experts, which provides synthesized information about our products and services. We believe that this would make us even more useful and would make their busy daily lives easier," Postbank commented.
The financial institution was selected by a prestigious jury among 2,753 companies, which participated in the competition's first stage, as only 364 of them won the National Winners award. A total of 120,000 businesses from 33 European countries took part in this year's edition. The main goal of the prestigious European Business Awards is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community across Europe.

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