SeeNews is launching the new ESG and Sustainability Report

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SeeNews is launching the new ESG and Sustainability Report.

In this report on the realm of ESG policies in Bulgaria, SeeNews is taking a look not only at the still-evolving regulatory framework – both at the EU and national level – but also analysing the country’s potential to turn its economy into a sustainable one, as measured against the criteria set out in the EU Taxonomy.

The ESG & Sustainability report covers significant subjects like:

  • Defining ESG and its purpose;
  • The evolving regulatory framework – overview of latest regulatory developments and focus on EU’s sustainable taxonomy;
  • ЕSG and financial performance – tales of big and small – case studies on companies’ financial performance in the context of investing in ESG and sustainable products launch
  • Bulgaria on the road to sustainability – Regulatory framework at national level; Risks, challenges and opportunities in the conte
    xt of the EU’s sustainable taxonomy – analysis of GDP structure and its biggest industry contributors – are they classified as sustainable or not, what % of GDP do they form, what reforms are needed;

You can download the report for free here.

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