SEV calls for business education

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Greece lags its European peers in corporate education issues, mainly because of the lack of integrated national planning for the development of business skills through school education, according to the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV).

In its latest bulletin, SEV notes that business education in Greece requires a new model, as the current one is insufficient. Teachers lecturing to their students who passively receive theoretical knowledge does not provide for them to use it creatively. SEV is proposing the inclusion of entrepreneurship classes in the schools, upgrading teacher training with an emphasis on modern teaching methods (group work, experiential learning etc), as well as the planning of modern educational material concerning business education.

SEV is also calling for the creation of a monitoring and assessment framework and the introduction of incentives for increasing the participation of schoolteachers in business education activities. A significant step in that direction would be for the enterprises themselves to open up to such programs through corporate officials’ visits to schools and pupil mentoring.

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