U.S. Department of State: Ankara’s actions raising tensions, destabilising the region

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The U.S. Department of State on Tuesday condemned anew Turkey’s maritime research, stressing that Ankara’s actions are raising tensions and are destabilizing the region.

Washington’s goal is to de-escalate these tensions and bring all parties back to the dialogue table, and that is why it was stressed how there cannot be any such dialogue through the show of force, was reported.

At the same time, the State Department announced the partial lifting of the embargo on the sale of American weapons to the Republic of Cyprus. This move is part of the ‘Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act’.

The lifting of the embargo concerns the fiscal year 2020-2021 and can be renewed. As the State Department explained, American diplomacy acts along the lines of a ‘wait and see’ policy, and as such avoids abrupt actions, it was added.

The State Department clarified that this decision is not related to Greece, Turkey and the Aegean, but instead concerns the strategic upgrade of the US-Cyprus cooperation, which, as was noted, will work beneficially both for the region itself and for US national security interests.



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