A1 Bulgaria launches 5G service in Sofia

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Telecommunications company A1 Bulgaria, part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, said that it launched its 5G network service in the capital Sofia.

The company will invest over 780 million levs ($474.5 million/398.8 million euro) in its 5G service in the next four years to the benefit of the country’s economy, Alexander Dimitrov, CEO of A1 Bulgaria, said in a statement published on the company’s website on Friday.

The telecom’s 5G network already covers most parts of Sofia and by December 15 it will cover 90% of the coastal city of Burgas, according to the statement.

By the end of March, the 5G network of A1 will cover all Bulgarian cities with over 10,000 inhabitants. The new network will offer over 1,000 Mbps speed and very low latency, the company said.

A1 Bulgaria competes with Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC), which operates under the brand name Vivacom, and Telenor Bulgaria, owned by Dutch-registered investment group PPF.

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