An update from the Board of HBCB

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Sofia 3rd of July 2024


Following the General Assembly on June 12, 2024, and the Board of Directors’ meeting on June 26, 2024, the Board of Directors of HBCB informs all HBCB members of the following:

  1. During the General Assembly held on June 12th, 2024, both the Financial and Activity Report of HBCB for the year 2023 were unanimously approved and voted on, as well as the Budget for 2024.
  2. 48 regular members out of the 115 registered  participated in the General assembly this year.Consequently, the holding of elections for new members of the Board of Directors was not allowed, as the Statutes stipulate that for the conduct of elections, at least 50% plus one of the registered members of HBCB must be present and vote. The Board of Directors of the Association announces that the GENERAL ASSEMBLY with the subject of electing new members of the Board of Directors and a plan of action for the coming period will take place on September 25th, 2024, at 18:00h. 

A related announcement will be published, and all members will be notified to attend.

  • We invite all regular members of the Association to participate in the General Assembly or to authorize another member of the Association to represent them.
    • The concerns, thoughts, suggestions, or criticisms of all members within the framework of the Association’s bodies (General Assembly, Board meetings, written proposals, etc.) are valuable and welcome by all. Therefore, we invite all those regular members who wish to contribute to submit their candidacy for the 5 open positions for members of the Board of Directors. (Please contact our Association’s office for submitting applications and CVs, tel. 088 2 008 746, email (
  • For the immediate future, our Association organizes:
    • Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024, at 19:00: The Summer Cocktail, and we invite the members and friends of our Association to the Garden of the Greek Embassy for the traditional business event welcoming summer.
    • July-August: Creation of an electronic archive of the magazines “HORIZONS” and “ANNUAL ALBUMS” of our Association as part of informing and recording the history of HBCB.
    • Continuation of the “HORIZONS” magazines and HBCB newsletters, participation, and organization of online radio broadcasts for contemporary information and communication among HBCB members.
    • September 25th, 2024, at 18:00: General Assembly and elections.
    • End of September 2024 (Final date will be announced soon): After invitation of HBCB, the Greek Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. I. Bougas, in an open event for the members and friends of our Association, will discuss the topic “Allignemment of Bulgarian Law with European Law and resulting business opportunities.”
    • October 2024: At the invitation of HBCB, Mr. Michalis Dritsas, former CEO of Elevate Greece, and Mr. A. Kirilov, who together published the book                   “Start-Up – From A to Exit,” in an open event for the members and friends of our Association, will discuss the topic “Innovation and business opportunities.”
    • October 2, 2024: Organization of a “FOLK MUSIC EVENING / FESTIVITY and DINING” with the band of Giorgos Mavrakis.
    • October 3d: HBCB is co organising Sofia Economic Forum in Sofia Balkan Hotel.
    • November 2024: “Cyber Security in Business”, a dynamic Seminar for all HBCB members. 
  • November 2024: Organization of a B2B event presenting the commercial activities of new and old members of our Association, within the framework of acquaintance and support of modern Greek entrepreneurship.
    • December 2024: Organization of a traditional Christmas bazaar.

We invite the members and friends of the Association to promote and participate in these activities. 

Please expect specific invitations and event programs.


The Board of Directors

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